2012 News: National News 2012: What is the Truth on what happened in Benghazi, Libya

National News 2012: What is the Truth on what happened in Benghazi, Libya

March 1, 2013

U.S. National News: The Attack on the U.S. Embassy in Libya

National News: 3 U.S. Embassys Attacked

September 14, 2012

National News

Tuesday 9-11-12 the U.S. Embassy in Benghezi, Libya was raided by a Mob that killed 4 Americans in that Embassy.  J Christopher Stevens was the U.S. Diplomat in Charge of that Embassy.  Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyronne Woods were also killed in the attack.  Friday their bodies were flown to Andrews Air Force Base.  The U.S. Embassy in Cairo was also attacked.

ref http://www.cnn.com/2012/09/14/us/benghazi-victims/index.html?hpt=hp_inthenews

The U.S. Embassy in Yemen was also under attack Wed 9-12-12.

September 18, 2012

Update:  Suspects

The White House continues to reiterate that the cause of the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi is from an Anti-Muslim Video.  They also stated on National Press channels Sunday that before the attack took place which took the lives of 4 Americans that there was a Protest outside the Embassy going on.  Monday it was said that the U.S. Embassy was attacked in a cordinated fashion from 3 areas where Rocket Prepelled Grenades and Heavy Weapons were used.  There have been several attacks in that vicinity since May 22, 2012.  The facts have changed.

The President of the New Libyan Government stated that it was cordinated or planned, and people outside the country contributed.  What nobody in the St. Dept or Press have mentioned that is it possible that former Qaddafi loyalists still remain in the country and continue to be a threat in Libya challenging power.  There have been suspects arrested in this crime and some suspects are from nearby African Nations.  The former regime was close to African Nations.

The bottom line Monday it seemed that there was some initial untruth to the story in Libya.  The Press has an opportunity to ask some important and big questions this week regards to the integrity of the information given, the level of protection not given in Libya to the 4 Americans, and why has the story changed.  How is a Video the contributor of this particular crime?

The former regime was also close to the Assad Regime in Syria.  The fact that there have over 20 countries having protests regards to this video and violent protests from people crowding streets in many countries shouting against the United States of America.  In Syria, there are no violent protests.  Atleast that is according to the map of where the protests are going on.

There also needs to account that since there has been no policy towards the UN Vetoes regards to the Conflict in Syria now gives the United States people a pause to hesitate to want to assist there from the result of these protests and attacks on U.S. Embassies. S0me members in the Republican Party including John McCain has been demanding a U.S. Policy for Syria and to vote on assisting the Free Syrian Army with Humanitarian Aid and some equipment.    The Press and many groups are quick to jump the gun in disagreement to assist in Syria and to challenge both Russia and Chinas position on the Veto trying to compare NATO’s mission in Libya with Syria stating always what will the replacement be when they are two entirely two different conflicts and countries.  Both the former Libyan regime and current regime in Syria remain allies.

There needs to be a U.S. Policy in African Nations that are Muslims and a U.S. policy in Western Asia, and a New U.S. Policy in Central Asia regards to Afghanistan and Pakistan.  The fact that there has been no appreciation in Afghanistan for U.S. service to train Afghan soldiers and police is very troubling.   It is Unacceptable the amount of combat deaths going on from a result of Afghan police just trained turning their weapons on Our Servicemen whom protect us.  If the facts continue to come in and Afghanistan’s people wants to go the route of showing lack of partnership with the U.S servicemen there, then Afghanistan may realistically not be a legitemate Democracy and at any time thus Karzei can be voted out and removed.  There needs to be a change of policy there while President Obama has announced publically when U.S. troops are leaving.  There needs to be more investigating on combat deaths in Afghanistan, how to prevent them.  When that mission does conclude whether the people there want to act as a partner or not, I hope they don’t underestimate the American people’s will for freedom, Capitalism, and family values governed by a Constitution that seperates the religion from the peoples government.

It is important to get as much facts as possible in regards to the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Libya.  The Intelligence agencies didn’t save those 4 men.  The American People are owed answers.  What I notice is this is sorta of like a Richard Nixon Moment when President Obama is now on the Hot Seat for not being consistent on the cause and affect of this crime in Libya.  There were no protests going on before the attack, and they said there was.  The Press has a Golden Opportunity to now get the Administration caught in an untruth to the point that somebody may have to resign over it.  I think its that bad.

To add, the United States people need to make it clear that nobody attacks our Embassy’s abroad without expect retribution over it.  I am sick of these scenes of flag burning, and maybe it may be a strong point to do what they are doing and burn the black flag next time there is a mission whether its in Africa, Western Asia or Central Asia.

Whether President Obama acts on this or doesn’t, Republicans are going to continue the effort to first weed out rouge members of its own party that have knowledge of what is going on and holding out on information.  And second those loyal Republicans are going to continue to work on getting better leadership for this great country which is the model of freedom whether other countries people want to embrase it or not.  Republicans need to bring the people that committed the attacks and killings in Libya to justice.  I don’t think its a good idea to use it as a campaign idea.  I do think that if the tough questions are asked, then you will catch the Administration not being consistent on this initial story and report.


Vladamir Putin President of the Russian Federation Union stated that He believed the attack was caused by Western Support for assisting “Rebels” although he was not specific whether he was addressing NATO’s mission in Libya or the no U.S. Policy in Syria, and some Republicans were about to vote on a measure to assist the Free Syrian Army with humanitarian aid and equipment. When I was reading that, it was something I was considering.

Additional:  This idea that it was better that Qaddafi used to be in power and was assisting the U.S. is better than a New Libyan government troubles me.  Libya was a dictactorship for decades during the eras when East Germany existed.  While he was surpressing the people there, there is one crime that was not reported in the mainstream media in 2000 that I became aware of in 2011.  In 2000, Qaddafi’s loyalist rounded up political prisioners and had them in a Jail.  There was an uprising inside, and he ordered the guards to go above the prisioners and just start shooting.  The massacre of political prisioners was not reported at all in the Press here in the United States in 2000, and it’s troubling when former leaders within prior administrations supported this government no matter the reason.


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Now with what we are seeing gives an excuse not to want assist in Syria while the Assad regime is responsible for the attacks against civilians killing 25000 people including children.

U.S. National News: The Nine Eleven Twelve Attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya & the National Presidential Elections by Jamestowncalif.com News

October 13, 2012

Oct 13, 2012

Reference The Orange County Register October 10, 2012 Wednesday page 6 World under Associated Press Bradley Klapper: “U.S. Officials: We didn’t link Libya Attack to Video”

According to this report, the Administration have changed its story on the accounts of what took place in Libya September 11, 2012.  Initially all the reports were the cause and affect of these crimes were from a Protest and Video.  There were several times the Embassy asked for more security and those requests were denied.  What is troublesome is the inconsistent statements by President Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton at Andrews Air Base, and the State Department on what exactly happened there, and why was their not better precautions that day in order to protect our people?

What this means in a political stand point is if there continues to be Gaffs or errors on statements regarding what happened, how possible is it that the American People were straight up lied to right before the Election?  It looks that way.  What looks worse is under this Administration appropriated moneys and the double agents within the system are giving us bad intelligence.  We look weak when there is a cover up.

What I cannot understand is why it has taken 3 weeks to secure the crime scene right after it happened and was reported.  It’s chilling that the excuse that was given by the FBI even was that it was not safe enough to go to Benghazi to investigate.  I don’t buy that.  The Old United States has the Army and Marines secure the area with force to investigate what happened to our people.  In this case it was the opposite.  Thus there was evidence removed and tampered with.

The impeachment process ought to have started the moment the three lied to us.  Right now if the Press does its job in time, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan run versus Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.

The Vice Presidential Debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan also had a Gaff occur with Joe Biden blaming the Intelligence community on how the information was given down the levels.  Those statements during that televised debated seemed odd how he was asked the question on Libya and when he answered it real quick he then went to Iraq and Afghanistan as if he was hiding something.

I never understood why I saw President Obama and Joe Biden sitting side by side in a sporting event when in the old days during crisis you always had the two separated.  Joe Biden was sequestered for 6 days before the Vice Presidential debates.  Right now the International Event brewing continues to be this fear of a war between Israel and Iran.  Israeli leaders are growing impacient with Iran’s nuclear program and in my opinion have already been doing some little things within our system to prepare in case a war occurs.

Mitt Romney has pounced on the Administration not being consistent on how they reported what happened in Libya.  He ought to pounce because it does show weakness, and it also shows that there was a lie, fib whatever you want to call it.  When that happens, then there are other questions you need to ask on why?  Why did that happen that day?  Why are we not being stronger on getting the facts out versus changing the facts?

According to this report the State Department said that they never linked the protest and video to the attack on Libya.  So the question is why did Mrs. Clinton during a funeral bring up the video at Andrews Air Base?  Why has it taken until 4 weeks to change the initial report?  And why 3 weeks to go investigate.  The integrity of the Administration is at stake.  To come clean, answers to these questions are needed.  What I think is Watergate was not as bad as this particular part of U.S. History.

We will never know what happened because evidence has been tampered with and removed from the crime scene.  The Administration took to long to get people down there to give us the facts.  During the four weeks, the reports have changed on what they said.  We were told that when security was requested, they were told to make due with what they have.

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National Economy News/National Election News 2012

September 8, 2012

President Obama said in his speech during the DNC that China is our biggest ally.  He criticized Mitt Romney for him stating that Russia is a concern now for the United States.

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